About MailleCon 2019

MailleCon was started with the goal of bringing new & experienced maillers together to talk shop, swap ideas and to learn more about their craft.

This year MailleCon goes for 2 days and will be held at the Mount Riverview Public School Hall. There will chain maille workshops and craft demonstrations. Food and drink is provided. 

Make sure you visit our Facebook Group to get the latest news and find out who else is going.

Mailler’s Meetup


MailleCon gives you the chance to talk face to face with other chain maillers. Looking at peoples work online is one thing, but nothing beats holding the piece in your hands and talking to the person who made it.

Maille Workshops 


Learn new weaves or fine tune your technique. This year we have 4 very talented Maillers teaching and demonstrating. Materials for classes will be provided. We do encourage you to bring our own pliers and magnifcation lamps, however a limited number of student pliers will be available on the day. Note: Class sizes are limited.

Craft Demonstrations 


After 3 hours of focused mailling, even the most passionate mailler is ready to give the pliers a break. So in the afternoon we have organised demonstrations of other craft techniques that you will find interesting and maybe add to your own repertoire.  Some demonstrations are hands on so you might get a go if time permits.

Show Us Your Maille – Live


Each day we will be holding a Show Us Your Maille competition. Bring in your latest projects and show off your beautiful work and skill. We will hold a live Show Us Your Maille competition and give out prizes on the day for various categories.

Aussie Maille Shop


A selection of Aussie Maille products will be on display and available for purchase. Here is your chance to see some of that bling up close and personal.  We cannot bring everything so if there is something that you want to look at or buy let us know before the show.

Note: Precious metals (all silvers, silver filled and gold filled)  will need to be ordered and paid for in advance.

Food and Refreshments


We will  provide on the day a light lunch, snacks & nibbles as well as drinks including Water, Tea & Coffee and soft drinks.

Feel free to bring your own food and refreshments, however as the hall is on school grounds alcoholic beverages are not permitted.